Protect Your Roof from Moss and Lichen!
With MOOSfree® from Your Roofer


Determine the Need of Moss Removal Tape

Your roofer or plumber will be happy to assist you

  1. Decide, which part of the roof MOOSfree® should clean. MOOSfree® 115 or MOOSfree® 170 is mounted below the roof ridge. Therefore, when used on both sides of the roof (e.g. north and south side), the ridge length has to be taken twice.
  2. Depending on the shape of the roof tiles, an additional demand must be taken into account, e.g. 15% for moderately corrugated tiles.
  3. Add the length for mounting MOOSfree® wherever the water flow is divided, i.e. below roof windows, dormers, vents or chimneys. The only exception are roof elements that are clad with copper.
  4. MOOSfree® is available in roll lengths of five or ten meters. So round up to a full five meters.

Copper is the Solution for a sustainably clean roof

Sources of Supply of the Anti-Moss-System 

Distribution Germany

MOOSfree® is e.g. available from all branches of the roofer purchasing cooperatives, from Eisen Astner (Hausham), Schüller Dachbaustoffe oHG, Südmetall Otto Leonhard GmbH, Kaufmann Ulm Spenglereibedarf GmbH, Raab Karcher, STARK Deutschland, BayWa and Union Bauzentrum Hornbach.

Distribution Switzerland

In Switzerland you can find our products e.g. at Gabs AG or Tilag AG.

Distribution Poland

Dealers in Poland are e.g.:

  • ZAMARAT (05-830 Nadarzyn)
  • LOSKO (10-416 Olsztyn)
  • BISBUD (35-301 Rzeszow)
  • INSTALATOR (37-200 Przeworsk)
  • HANDLBUD (44-300 Wodzisław Śląski)
  • LECHBUD (51-680 Wroclaw)
  • IDEALNY DACH (60-185 Skórzewo k. Poznania)
  • JAREMA (70-663 Szczecin)
  • IZOTERBUD (75-342 Koszalin)

As common with high-quality products in the construction industry, we also rely on a three-stage distribution channel. The contact person for you as builder or house owner is the craft business in your area that is specialized in roofing work. Because only if our anti-moss system MOOSfree® as well as our ridge ventilation roll INOFLEXX® are properly installed, your roof will be protected for decades.

All of our products for the roof can be obtained from building materials, plumbing or roofing wholesalers.

If there is no contact person in your vicinity, we look forward to your direct contact by telephone or email.

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