Ridge and Hip Roll for
Optimal Ventilation


The Ridge Roll Made of Stainless Steel

INOFLEXX ®, the high-performance product among ridge and hip rolls, is made from an intelligent material combination of stainless steel and aluminum or copper. True to the motto “less is more”:

Less flow resistance for
better roof ventilation!

✔ Effectively dries the entire roof structure, as moisture is transported away with the air circulation beneath the tiles from bottom to top

✔ Due to the ventilation cross-section of 1500 cm² / running meter, Inoflexx is also suitable for low roof pitches beginning from 2°

✔ Prevents heat accumulation beneath the roof tiles in summer time

✔ Ventilation fabric made of pure stainless steel wire has an extreme high tear resistance and cannot become clogged with dust and dirt

Side Parts Made from Aluminium or Pure Copper

The pleated side strips adapt to any tile shape. Both the two-layer stove-enamelled aluminium side strips and the optional side strips made of pure copper sheet are extremely UV and weather resistant. During assembly, the inner sections of the pleated side parts are bent up to prevent heavy rain from penetrating the ventilation fabric.

The Most Important Task of a Ridge and Hip Roll: the Roof Ventilation

INOFLEXX®  is unsurpassed in this discipline. Instead of punching out small ventilation holes from sheet metal, the middle part consists of a wide-meshed knit made of stainless steel wire.

✔ Perfect ventilation due to the large ventilation cross-section
✔ High tear resistance prevents birds or rodents from penetrating the roof structure
✔ Due to the compressible and stretchable metal knit fabric in the centre section, the width of the ridge roll is variable between 200 and 350 mm

Ensure a Secure Bond: the Butyl Adhesive Strips

Four adhesive strips are attached to the underside, which guarantee wind suction-proof and permanent adhesion on every roof tile surface. 


Types of INOFLEXX® 


INOFLEXX®  “Copper“ is suitable for any roof colour, because copper will be coated from the classic brown patina due to weathering over time. The side panels of this ridge and hip vent roll consist of an 100 μm extra thick copper sheet. Due to the corrosion resistance of copper, INOFLEXX®  “Copper“ is the first choice if only the most durable materials are good enough.


As standard, the side parts of INOFLEXX®  consist of a 100 μm thick aluminum foil. This foil has been color-coated in a two-layer process. Therefore a weather resistance according to DIN EN ISO 16474 is guaranteed.


Just like the “Slate-Anthracite” version, the “Roof-Red” type also is equipped with weather-resistant, 100 mm wide aluminum side strips.

INOFLEXX®  – the Flexible Solution for Ridge & Hip Ventilation

Stainless Steel, Copper, Aluminium: Maximum Performance Throughout the Entire Service Life

INOFLEXX®  – Maximum Ventilation Cross Section for Perfect Air Circulation

Perfect Ventilation of Pitched Roofs with Ridge Vents from CoTexx® 

Moisture that penetrates from the outside through cracks between the roof tiles or diffuses from the interior of the building through the underlay is carried away by the air flow from the eaves to the ridge. Effective ridge and hip ventilation is therefore essential to prevent moisture and mold formation under the roof.

For this reason, DIN 4108-3 defines a minimum ventilation cross-section for ridge and hip rolls of 200 cm² per running meter. Since the air flows from the two halves of the roof meet at the ridge, this means a minimum cross-section of 400 cm².

The flatter the roof pitch, the larger the ventilation cross-section must be. Therefore, both DIN 4108-3 and the “Leaflet on Thermal Insulation” of the Central Association of the German Roofing Trade require a ventilation cross-section of at least 500 cm²/running meter per roof side for a roof pitch <5°.

INOFLEXX®  even surpasses this requirement with a ventilation cross-section of an outstanding 1500 cm² per running meter. The wide-meshed stainless steel knit thus makes a significant contribution to the continuous drying of the roof substructure. 

Perfect ventilation is guaranteed until the end of lifetime of the roof covering.

Compared to a ridge roll with a ventilation element made of fleece, the spaces between the wires cannot become clogged with dust, which would severely restrict the ventilation function. The tear-resistant knit made of stainless steel wire also prevents birds from penetrating the roof structure in order to start building their nests. Rodents and martens are also reliably deterred.

The effective ridge ventilation by INOFLEXX®  prevents heat from accumulating in the cavity between the roof covering and the membrane beneath in summer. The resulting air flow reduces the temperature in all rooms under the roof. The air circulation also promotes the quick drying of the roof tiles, which reduces moss and algae formation on the tile surface.

Another advantage of INOFLEXX®  ridge vent rolls is the longevity, which results from consistently avoiding the processing of plastics. Plastics and rubber-coated fabrics are hardly UV-resistant and become brittle due to high temperature differences on the roof between day and night. In addition, the vent fabric of the ridge roll as well as the metal side sheets are non-flammable and incombustible.

Mounting Instructions

Unroll INOFLEXX® :

Mounting INOFLEXX®  is fast and easily done by applying the roll-out method. Place the roll on the ridge batten and unroll about 50 cm. Center the ridge and hip roll. The central fold in the knitted fabric serves as an orientation


Fix the Ridge Roll:

Staples or brad nails help to fix the fabric on the ridge batten. Thus the ridge and hip roll is secured against slippage during mounting.

remove the release-papers:

Remove both release-papers on the underside of one INOFLEXX® -half about 40 to 50 cm.

Butyl adhesive tape ensures reliable bonding of INOFLEXX®  on the roof covering. The only exceptions are roof tiles with lotus effect or silicone coating.
Of course typical pre-conditions like a dry, dust- and dirt-free surface must be observed. The higher the processing temperature, the higher the tack. The outside temperature has to be at least 5 °C.

firmly press the side panels:

Mount INOFLEXX®  in a way that the butyl adhesive tapes follow the tile contour. In order to ensure adhesion in the valleys of heavily corrugated roof coverings
INOFLEXX®  must not be installed under tension. Carefully press the side strips on by hand so that the butyl tape completely touches the tile surface.

bend up the tabs:

If the inner part of the aluminum side strip is bent upward, an effective protection against the ingress of precipitation of any kind will be created. In addition, the narrowing of the air cross section leads to a venturi effect, which results in an excellent ventilation of the roof structure along with the large ventilation cross section.

Mount the ridge tiles:

Finally, attach the ridge or hip tiles on the ridge batten, e.g. with brackets.

Technical Data

  • Pleating of the aluminium / copper side strips 15% 15%
  • Free ventilation area: 98 %, 1500 cm² / running meter 98% 98%

Ventilation Area

Stainless steel wire DIN 1.4301, diameter 0,2 mm, free ventilation area >98%

Side Strips

100 mm wide aluminium sheets, colours stove-enamelled in two layers, weather-resistance of the coating better DIN EN ISO 16474;
Copper sheets consist of 99,9 % pure Cu,100 μm thick


Aluminium: “roof-red” or “slate-anthracite” | Copper

Temperature Range

-40 °C to +90 °C

Standard Width

350 mm (due to the compressible and stretchable metal knit fabric in the centre section, the width is variable between 200 and 350 mm)


Carton 4 x 5 m rolls, 18 cartons per pallet

All information about INOFLEXX including the mounting instructions can also be found in this PDF.

    Download PDF


Sources of Supply for the Ridge Vent Roll Made of Stainless Steel

Distribution Germany

INOFLEXX®  is e.g. available from all branches of the roofer purchasing cooperatives, from Eisen Astner (Hausham), Schüller Dachbaustoffe oHG, Südmetall Otto Leonhard GmbH, Kaufmann Ulm Spenglereibedarf GmbH, Raab Karcher, STARK Deutschland, BayWa and Union Bauzentrum Hornbach.

Distribution Switzerland

In Switzerland you can find our products e.g. at Gabs AG or Tilag AG.

Distribution Poland

Dealers in Poland are e.g.:

  • ZAMARAT (05-830 Nadarzyn)
  • LOSKO (10-416 Olsztyn)
  • BISBUD (35-301 Rzeszow)
  • INSTALATOR (37-200 Przeworsk)
  • HANDLBUD (44-300 Wodzisław Śląski)
  • LECHBUD (51-680 Wroclaw)
  • IDEALNY DACH (60-185 Skórzewo k. Poznania)
  • JAREMA (70-663 Szczecin)
  • IZOTERBUD (75-342 Koszalin)

As common with high-quality products in the construction industry, we also rely on a three-stage distribution channel. The contact person for you as builder or house owner is the craft business in your area that is specialized in roofing work. Because only if our anti-moss systemMOOSfree® as well as our ridge ventilation roll INOFLEXX®  are properly installed, your roof will be protected for decades.

All of our products for the roof can be obtained from building materials, plumbing or roofing wholesalers.

 If there is no contact person in your vicinity, we look forward to your direct contact by telephone or email.

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