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Knitted Wire Mesh for Industrial Applications

CoTexx processes in particular metal wires on modern circular knitting machines into knitted fabrics for numerous industrial applications. Metal knitted fabrics are used wherever a large specific surface or good shock absorption capacity is required. Wire mesh made of stainless steel withstands extreme environmental conditions. These are, for example, temperatures of several hundred ° C, salt water or acid. Other positive characteristics of knitted fabrics are their high flexibility and drapability.

Starting materials in our production lines are metal wires and strands with diameters of 0.05 – 0.5 mm. In addition, we produce knitted fabrics from glass fiber yarn and roving as well as from aramid and synthetic fibers. 

The knitting machines produce a mesh of tubular form, which is then flattened and finally rolled up for packaging. We also have cutting and pleating systems in operation so that designs with inclined / arrow corrugation or sidelong separated knitted tubes are available.

Applications for CoTexx Knitted Wire Mesh

Living and Kitchen

Droplet eliminators in air filter systems

Heat exchanger for living space ventilation

Grease separators for large kitchens

Mechanical and Plant Engineering

Filters (for air and oil), e.g. in foundry technology

Compressed knitted fabrics for gaskets acting as absorber for shock, vibration and thermal expansion differences

Droplet eliminators in chemical plants

High temperature heat exchanger

EMC cable shield


Exhaust After-Treatment and Vehicle

catalytic converter

Absorbers for shock, vibration and thermal expansion

Abrasion, puncture and slit protection for cables


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Electric Heat Engineering

Due to several years of experience in installing heating systems in the field of fiber composites, as well as our research and development of high-temperature surface heatings, we are happy to support you with your project.

The aim: Producing heat,
where it is really needed.

How we work

Exemplary Tasks

Integrating electrically generated heat into production processes is the goal of CoTexx®  Knitted Heating Fabric. However, due to our understanding of aerospace and composites, we do not see ourselves exclusively as a wire knitting company. We are happy to bring our knowledge to your project.


An exemplary task is to cure resin or adhesive locally. The basic condition is that the assembly cannot be placed in an oven for this purpose. This is e.g. necessary if individual regions have not been sufficiently impregnated with resin during the infusion of a large component. In order to prevent rejects, locally infusioned areas are cured by flexible heating mats with CoTexx®  heating elements.

Sometimes it is not even possible to bring assemblies into the oven for subsequent curing of resin or adhesive. This is because the size of the oven is insufficient or the required curing temperature exceeds the temperature resistance of individual components of the assembly. A challenge that we are happy to face.

One of our projects for an aircraft manufacturer was a bolt heater. This tool was needed to glue in bushings for main bolts between fuselage and wings. Oven curing was no option, because the assembly parts were already painted and the set-up too big. Instead, the adhesive is locally cured directly in final assembly line using contact heat at 140 ° C with the help of a special solution from CoTexx.

Effort and manufacturing time saved!

Engineering at CoTexx

A common procedure on our side is to demonstrate the feasibility with the help of a test setup in the beginning. Then we manufacture the heated toolings as well as the control with voltage source, regulation and recording unit.

We use heating wire in all of our electrical heating projects. Apart from Knitted Heating Fabric we are also able to wind heating wire on cores or subsequently glue heating conductors into milled insulation materials.

Because in the end the result counts:
Producing composites energy-efficiently, in high quality and at best price!

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